Sandstone Retaining Wall Blocks

Sandstone retaining wall blocks SydneySupply and Installation Available

Why build a besser block wall when you can have a sandstone block wall at approximately half the cost - and have a more natural look.

A besser block wall averages 2 weeks installation process, where a sandstone block wall averages just 1-2 days installation.

With a choice of Precision Cut Blocks, A Grade Blocks, B Grade Blocks or our Sandstone Slabs, Logs and and Random Boulders to choose from you will find the right solution to suit your requirements, budget and style for your retaining wall whether it be a new or renovation project.

Our blocks are available in various sizes for landscaping, feature walls, boundary fences and sub-divisional retaining walls.

Our new Precision Cut Blocks give you a quick installation, great looks, and perfect heights everytime.

Wheel Sawn Premium 'A' Grade Blocks

Quality control on size and shape of these First Grade Sandstone Blocks

Wheel Sawn 'B' Grade Blocks

Size and shape of these 2nd Grade Blocks may vary

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